since 2009 we are working for you, to give you a best RF Online server.


Why choose our server?

The server has been working since 2009, we constantly support our players so that they can play as much as possible with us. Where are all the servers that were before and after us? Where did they go? We are always with you, we always help our players, we are always ready to listen to you. Come to us, stay with us and you will not lose.



We worked for a long time on the new server, we tried to do everything to maximally satisfy all our current and potential players.

  • High Rate Golden Age server
  • New Control Panel with cool features (coupon system, new vote system, referral system)
  • The maximum level of the character is 65
  • The character's experience rate is x500
  • PT/Skills are GM
  • Exp of animus х1000000
  • Drop from mobs and PB rate x5
  • Gold and Relic weapons and shields for PVP point.
  • HP chips are visible to everyone
  • You can level up in MAU
  • The auction is running
  • Each race has a BUFFER
  • Starter Store
  • Ore digging speed х1

What is RF Online ?

short game description

RF Online is a sci-fi, fantasy, and action MMORPG that takes place on the planet of Novus. The game focuses on the never-ending conflict between the three races as well as their resistance against ARCANE. RF Online focuses on both fantasy and mechanics. Not only is the game filled with typical Middle Age fantasy fighting such as spells, swords, and summoning, RF Online is also action-packed with the most advanced technology, machines, and weapons. This fast-paced RPG includes various action factors to let players experience dynamic fights.

For thousands of years, the three races in lived peacefully with each other on the planet Novus. However, when resources and land slowly became scarce, the three turned against each other.

The three races, Bellatians, Corites, and Accretians, are so different from each other in almost every aspect, that historians today are amazed at how they got along with each other for thousands of years in the past. Each race became stronger by surviving and learning from battles with other races. Holy Alliance Cora is a spiritual civilization that relies on their god Dicem for wisdom, guidance, and power. The Accretia Empire is the most technologically advanced; their civilization is heavy machine-based. Bellato Union, the last of the three races, pursues a combination of mechanics and spirit.

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You can have your OWN passwords, BUT these passwords must meet security requirements.​Generate Passwords button ONLY to HELP generate secure passwords. ONLY! but nobody forbids you to make YOUR passwords.​Password example - RFUser05! or [email protected] or any other like this in the example.​
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